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Dear Potential New Member,

I am so excited to serve as the Membership Vice President for the Zeta Sigma chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. I am so glad that you came to our website to learn more about us and see what we are all about. All of us here at Gamma Phi Beta are so excited to have you here in Columbia, SC, and can’t wait for you to find your forever home in the panhellenic community!


Recruitment is such a special time where you find your forever home. You find your best friends, the people you can’t live without, and make memories that you will hold onto forever. I hope that you find your best friends and your people, and the ones who you cannot imagine life without. I know I have found those people for me, thanks to Gamma Phi Beta.


Gamma Phi has become my home away from home and the place where I feel the most comfortable with being myself. I have met my best friends in this house, and made countless memories. I came to Gamma Phi looking for a place I could call home and a place of belonging. I wanted to find women who always uplifted each other to chase their dreams and always be there for support. From coffee runs, to dinner dates, to spontaneous trips to the beach, Gamma Phi is not just the years you are in college, it is for your entire life.


Gamma Phi Beta is the definition of building strong girls and inspiring the highest type of womanhood. In Gamma Phi, we accept everyone for who they are, and celebrate embracing our individuality. I knew I wanted to be a part of Gamma Phi from the start when I saw the love that these women had for each other. The biggest thing I can say about Gamma Phi is you are always welcome and accepted for who you are.


Pulling up to 527 Gadsden St. and walking into this house is an accelerating experience. As we change for the better, so does our sisterhood and the impact it has on our lives. The happiest moments I’ve had in my college career have been here in this house with my sisters.


There are so many amazing things waiting for you at South Carolina, and we can’t wait to welcome you into Gamma Phi Beta in the Fall!



Madison Crouch


Go Greek, Go Gamma Phi

if you have any questions regarding recruitment, please reach out to our Membership VP at
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