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Dear Potential New Member,

I am so excited to serve as the Membership Vice President for the Zeta Sigma chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. I am so glad you visited our website to learn more about us and our sisterhood/philanthropy. Gamma Phi Beta is so excited to have you in Columbia, SC looking for your forever home in the panhellenic community. 


Recruitment is truly a time where you find a place that you belong. You will meet your best friends, make lifelong memories, and find your middle of the night no matter what kind of people. I hope that you find your best friend, sister, and one day maid of honor. I know I have, all thanks to Gamma Phi Beta. 


Gamma Phi has given me a place to call home and feel comfortable. Within the walls of the house, I met my best friend. I came to Gamma Phi looking for a sense of belonging and to find a constant in my life. I wanted to find a group of women that pushed each other to be there best all while making memories. From baked bear runs with endless sprinkles, to crazy study hours in the library, ending with spontaneous trips to see sisters all over the neighboring states. Gamma Phi is not just four years, it is for life.  


Gamma Phi is the foundation of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty. It is where we build strong girls and inspire the highest type of womanhood. In this house, we embrace our differences while celebrating individuality. I knew I wanted to be a Gamma Phi Beta when I looked around the room and saw the love each sister shared for one another. Today, the most important thing I can say about Gamma Phi Beta is to come as you are and know you will be accepted. I call 527 Gadson St. home. Not because of the house, but because it is where my sisters are.


Entering the house is undefinable at the moment but the experience grows more beautiful with time. As we evolve, so does this sisterhood and the role it plays in each of our lives. The happiest memories I have as a student were spent with my sisters. 


There are so many amazing things waiting for you in Columbia, SC! We can’t wait to welcome you into our house this Fall. 


Spurs Up! 

-Kate Stinson


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Go Greek, Go Gamma Phi

if you have any questions regarding recruitment, please reach out to our Membership VP at
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